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Does your business have a diverse client base?

Do you cater for private consumers as well as commercial organisations?

Does your product also have industrial applications?

Is your product likely to be sourced by contractors, for use in or resale to a consumer market?

One of my clients, Streme UK, which is a manufacturer of insect-, pollen-, and UV-screen solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, answers yes to each of these questions.

As well as serving home-owners with specific requirements for pollen and insect screening, they also help commercial kitchens comply with statutory health and safety regulations. And, being the UK’s premier mesh specialist, they have an excellent track record in assisting industrial manufacturers with screen solutions to improve the quality and effectiveness of their products.

My point being?

Given such a mix of clients they have found success stories and case studies to be ideal┬ácontent marketing collateral┬áto reach the different markets in which they operate, without having to compromise on any of their published product information. By letting their customers speak for themselves and tell their own stories of Streme’s service the organisation can stay focussed on developing product and improving customer service.