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For start-up businesses Case Studies about the work that you have already completed on behalf of your employer or client are very useful documents to demonstrate your proposition.

I have recently been contacted by an individual who is launching his corporate service on a freelance basis, and he has decided to get a couple of Case Studies produced to highlight the results of the work he has already undertaken.

This is a shrewd move. Professionally written stories about the value you have already delivered can provide an influential springboard to persuade new prospects about what you can achieve for them.

It’s interesting too that my new client has elected to produce Case Studies ahead of his website copy and content. He recognises that endorsement from existing clients will be way more effective in conveying the value he can add than anything he might have to say himself about his new business offering.

If you have a Proof of Concept, get it documented. Get your commissioning client to describe their experience, and to declare the value that your work has enabled them to deliver. This will highlight a number of important things:

  • Your skill, expertise and passion
  • Your consideration of your clients’ needs
  • How well you create and manage good working relationships
  • Your efficacy in delivering┬áresults

It will also establish the integrity of your product or service right out of the blocks.

There is really no better way to prove your concept than with the full support of your existing delighted customers.

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